Our Approach

We exist to end hunger in southwestern Wisconsin

Our work at Second Harvest brings food to our shared community. It is through partnerships and collaboration that we are able to meet the nutritional needs of our neighbors facing hunger. Additionally, as part of the food system, we are able to reduce waste by connecting with food-related businesses and farmers.

  • Food Acquisition and Storage
    Each year we acquire and store millions of pounds of food from a variety of sources including local and regional farmers, food manufacturers, and grocers which allows us to reduce food waste and provide nutritious food to our community. We have a commitment to sourcing as much nutritious food as we can.
  • Food Distribution
    Through our powerful network of over 300 partner agencies and programs, we distribute more than 20 million pounds of food throughout 16 southwestern Wisconsin counties every year.
  • FoodShare Outreach
    FoodShare is a federally funded program. Our team of FoodShare Outreach Specialists provides assistance to the community with applying for this benefit. FoodShare helps stretch your budget by depositing money on a debit-like card once per month to help buy groceries.

Beyond food

Mobilizing the Public

We create awareness that helps our community understand the implications of hunger and how we provide support.

Nutrition Education

Our staff includes specialists who focus on health, wellness, family, and child initiatives and programs.

Work in the Healthcare Community

We partner with the healthcare community to provide direct nutrition support to patients experiencing food insecurity.