Family & Food Go Together

Kris Tazelaar

For Kristen Benjamin, cooking and family go hand-in-hand. Growing up in Chicago with her mom, dad, and sister, she remembers that connection between family and food. “I have cousins, aunts, and uncles,” she said. “Family was always over at our house because mom loves to cook.”
A few years ago, Kristen moved to Madison looking for a better life, but that connection between food and family is still strong. “I love to cook, and they love to eat,” said Kristen. “With kids and grandchildren living in the area and friends and neighbors regularly stopping by, you never
know how many people will be at the dinner table. That’s what brings a family together.”

When she was in Chicago, Kristen regularly worked two jobs, but now painful sciatica and degenerative scoliosis prevent her from working. But thanks to various public programs, her kids, help from her significant other, and Second Harvest’s mobile food pantry that comes to her apartment complex each month, Kristen is able to keep bringing the family together around the dinner table.
“I love the Second Harvest pantry, and it helps a lot. The workers are good to get along with and very understanding. And they’re good items that you receive. It makes things a lot easier!”
Our mobile food pantries support thousands of families like Kristen’s every month throughout southwestern Wisconsin, thanks to your generous gifts. Thank you!